Young Pilots

  • Photography  Fumi Homma
  • Words  Abi Buller

Offered the dream of taking to the sky as aspiring aviators, eighty-three young pilots and eleven adults took part in Sywell Aerodrome’s twelfth annual young aviators event in September last year. The event encourages young people to try something above and beyond their usual experiences, allowing scouts to gain Air Badges and get a taste of a career as a pilot. A celebration of an activity steeped in traditionalism, the opportunity to fly is one that attracted volunteers, professional pilots and families alike. In addition to the cloud-soaring, map reading and navigation exercises were held in Sywell museum for a grounded approach to the liveliness of the event. A day filled with inspiration and learning, Fumi Homma captured the pure joy of those involved, from wide-eyed scouts to highly experienced airfield crews.
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