Tuttii Fruitii Hair Salon Fundraiser

  • Photography  Eamonn Freel
  • Words  Rachel Speed
Tuttii Fruitii, the affordable, non-binary hair salon is crowdfunding for a new home. Currently based in Deptford in a caravan at a guardianship property, the hair salon is being forced to move from its home as the building is being demolished to make room for new flats. Tuttii held a fundraiser for the project at the Fox and Firkin.
SZER_Fundraiser_Tuttii Fruittii_Eamonn Freel 01
Speaking to founder and creator Tuttii, she explains why her salon is so unique: “We’re not a ‘normal salon’, it’s an art hair salon giving people the opportunity to truly express themselves and look how they want to look. What I do is more than hair, I do art pieces for hair. I layer up the hair, shape and sculpt it, I work with lots of colour, lots of crazy colours – you don’t get normal foil highlights here!”

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The new salon in Deptford is going to offer hair, make-up, massage, and nails. Tuttii explains: “For me there are no boundaries. I see hair as a blank canvas that I can paint on. I love pushing it as far as I can. It’s total freedom and I love transforming people into new things every time they see me.”
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As well as a hair salon, Tuttii sees the new salon as a community driven, creative space for all. It will host exhibitions, have artwork on the walls and in the windows, have a creative hangout space for people to meet, talk, share, and create. The guardianship property where Tuttii currently lives and works has become one such creative space but is being knocked down for the sake of luxury flats, something Tuttii is understandably frustrated about: “We are all being pushed out. It’s not just for creatives in London, it’s everyone. Deptford for example is being completely gentrified. There’s no green land left and communities are being pushed out. I feel it can be resolved by people getting together, making themselves loud. We need to unite and show the world – something has to change. We need to make a change.”
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The non-binary aspect to the salon is one of the first in London, and is central to Tuttii’s vision: “I think sometimes in the [hair] industry we are told to follow a certain system and work in a particular way. Social media has helped change this: Instagram and Twitter help people express and show themselves to be who they really are. Our equal ethos means we are open to all, LGBTQI inclusive and believe your gender, race, and sexuality does not determine your identity. The wellbeing of our customers is central to this project. A happy head is a happy mind.”
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To learn more about Tuttii Fruitti, check out the Crowdfunding page here.