The Western Lands

  • Photography and Words  Justin Clifford Rhody

Since 2012 I have been working in the American West, using 35mm and medium format film to develop an expansive body of work. This photographic series explores the social landscape in both a historical and metaphorical sense; as a geographical stopping-point and a mythical conception. In my work, I use the camera as a device that slices through my own perceptions of reality to create new possibilities of meaning through efforts in framing, nuance, and metaphor. Photography allows for me to enter the world more fully and carry out a practice of patient focus on the small, charged spaces between the obvious and the subtle. With openness and curiosity, I actively inhabit the edge of nature and search for an undefined clarity of understanding. My art practice has always been intrinsically tied to the community that surrounds me, both socially and geographically. Whether working in Central America, Southeast Asia or my own hometown.

Justin Clifford Rhody recently placed 1st in the PYLOT open call exhibition 2018 in collaboration with Free Range.