Masha Reva

Fashion / Feature

We spoke with Reva following One Day Project to discuss her unique melding of mediums, and the tenuous relationship between politics and art

PYLOT Issue 04 Launch Party

PYLOT / Impossible Diary

Photography: Max Barnett and Bex Day We launched the Influence Issue last month at White Rabbit Studios in Shoreditch. Thank you to everyone who joined us to make it such a special night, and thank you to BrewDog for the beer and Chan Photographic for the prints. You can get hold of a copy of […]

The nostalgic narrative of Kyler Zeleny’s Found Polaroids

Art / Interview

Found Polaroids share with us previously unseen, unpublished images from their extensive archive. Text: Anna Sanders “We were fixated on knowing the true stories, and then slowly it dawned on us that the importance of stories is not always in their actual truth” Originally a personal collection born from a curiosity for the vernacular, Kyler Zeleny, […]

Maxwell Clements

/ Interview

Photography: Maxwell Clements Text: Anna Sanders Tufts of hair sprout through pink fabric; baby blue war paint sits slicked across cheek bones; ivy and petals adorn clothes and cover eyes. Maxwell Clement’s photographed world is a playful, colourful one; stripped back and desaturated, but no less compelling for it. The simplicity of his props and the […]

Cosmic Walk and Other Learnings

Art / Series

Artworks: Kate Robertson Cosmic Walk and Other Learnings explores experiential learning and focuses on the understanding of the Deep Ecology movement which supports the idea that human species are part of the Earth, not separate from it. Deep Ecology considers human life is possible because of a harmonious balance of interdependent relationships between non-human organisms and […]