Sian Davey

Art / Interview

Photography: Sian Davey Text: Bridie Riley PYLOT speaks to Sian about her work and her ongoing project,  Martha. BR: What first attracted you to photography as a tool for creativity and communication? You engaged with photography very late on after your training as a painter – why did you choose photography over painting? Well I […]

The Hammer: Joel Stevenett’s poetic revisiting of Steeltown

Art / Feature

Photography and short story: Joel Stevenett Text: Anna Sanders “It’s a document of a place during a major change in the city’s history, and I thought it was important enough to photograph what it looks like. At least my version” Cracked asphalt and peeling paint betray a city in a state of abandon; the residents wait, […]

Maxwell Clements

/ Interview

Photography: Maxwell Clements Text: Anna Sanders Tufts of hair sprout through pink fabric; baby blue war paint sits slicked across cheek bones; ivy and petals adorn clothes and cover eyes. Maxwell Clement’s photographed world is a playful, colourful one; stripped back and desaturated, but no less compelling for it. The simplicity of his props and the […]


Art / Documentary

Photography: Lina Ivanova Inspired by my upbringing, Stejerovo is a personal, documentary project on the agrarian way of life in rural Bulgaria. My parents were the first generation of my family to migrate from the countryside to the capital, yet memories of home for me are that of my grandmother’s country life, not of the city where I […]

The Village Day

Art / Documentary

Photography: Olya Ivanova Text: Anna Sanders Moscow based photographer, Olya Ivanova, has dedicated several years to documenting the segregated and slowly disappearing way of life for the rural populations of the quiet, unseen villages of Northern Russia. National holidays, in celebrating traditional Soviet values and modern traditions, have become essential in defining Russian national identity, and […]


/ Interview

The many faces of Peeskill; Nina Mouritzen documents the inhabitants of a small New York town along the Hudson River. Photography: Nina Mouritzen Text: Rachel Speed   What attracted you to Peekskill? I have no ties to Peekskill but the opportunity presented itself when I was approached to submit a proposal for a bi-annual public art […]

Early USA

Art / Documentary

Photography: Ian Hughes USA in the Early 1990s The happiest years of my life were spent travelling around the USA on Greyhound buses in the early 1990s, between long stints working onboard cruise ships based in Miami and New York. I had an endless supply of bulk loaded 35mm Konica 100 ISO film left over from […]

Horse Track Portraits

Art / Series

Photography: Justin Clifford Rhody “Only chance is fair” –Frederick Sommer Although I don’t particularly get a rise from gambling in itself, there’s something mysteriously endearing about an environment in which “the numbers” are against you and an impractical belief in luck functions as the major impetus of operations. The horse track is a traffic jam of individualised belief systems […]

Sophie Green

/ Interview

Photography: Sophie Green Text: Bridie Riley You were quoted as saying you were interested in getting your work involved in magazines ‘particularly those that still believe in the power of the picture’. In an over saturated image economy how do you feel images retain their value? I am a very purist photographer in my approach, I […]

The Time of Dreaming the World Awake

Art / Series

Photography: Yvette Monahan The Time of Dreaming the World Awake is a portrait of a place, a landscape of possibility. This photographic body of work is based in a small region in Southern France. I was drawn there initially by the story of Bugarach, the ‘magic’ mountain. Bugarach was somehow connected to a Mayan prophecy which […]

When The Rain Disappears

/ Documentary

Photography: Jorge Perez Ortiz This series depicts a journey of personal growth for me when I swapped the bustle of London for Vietnam. Whilst in the mountainous Sapa, I met Lilly. She guided me through the streets and markets of the isolated town where every face I saw was full of life. It was fascinating to […]