Music / Feature

The Florentine psychedelica band discuss crossing musical genres – and playing on the Moon.

Bror August

Fashion / Special

Alongside imagery by Rosie Marks, PYLOT interviews Bror August to talk about his role in the fashion industry as well as his hopes and fears for the future

South Tyrol

Art / Documentary

PYLOT explores Italy’s northern-most region and learns about its fraught history and what it means to be European


Fashion / Special

Explore the effortless aesthetic of HAAL through our exclusive interview and photoshoot


Art / Documentary

Classic cars and the West Coast; take a road trip with photographer Federico Sorrentino

Tory Island

Art / Documentary

Photography: Cian Oba-Smith Tory Island is located 9 miles of the coast of Donegal in Northern Ireland, with a population of just 96. It relies mainly on tourism as its once plentiful fishing resources have now been protected by strict sustainability legislation, preventing it from being a viable source for the residents survival. This has resulted in the majority of the younger […]