• Photography  Jane Hilton
  • Styling  Patricia Villirillo

Acclaimed documentary photographer Jane Hilton creates a unique blend of documentary and fashion imagery to tell the tales of togetherness, a beautifully moving story about the power of love and the all-encompassing effect it has on our lives. This is an exclusive DAMIR DOMA fashion special for Issue 05 – The Excess Issue (available to pre-order now), styled by PYLOT Fashion Director Patricia Villirillo.

Maddie and Ross
Maddie and Ross have been together for three years and met whilst working at ‘Cyberdog’ in Camden. Maddie and Ross wear full look by DAMIR DOMA.


Age: 29. Works as a department manager for Merlin Magic (who make the wax models for Madame Tussards)
“I used to work in films as a prop maker, but never had a life as I was always working. I have a regulated life now, with company perks so I can now spend time with Maddie when I want to. I like to treat her to all paid weekends away in theme parks like Alton Towers. We go first class on the train, spend three nights in a fancy hotel and spa, fast track through the park and have extravagant dinners.

What I love most about Maddie is her innocence. She is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. I am quite a stone cold hard person, opposite to her. Even when she thinks she’s bad, she doesn’t have the heart to be a bad person. She hates confrontation and doesn’t understand why anyone wants to argue.

Arguing, however, is my strong point which I do outside our relationship with family and work colleagues. We never argue or fight.”


Age: 23. Works as a stock manager for a cosmetics company.

“I love everything about Ross. I thought Ross was out of my league and ended up going on a work night out when none of our work colleagues turned up, so it was just me and him and that was when we had our first kiss.

He is incredibly caring, and deals with me at my craziest! He always thinks the best of me and tells me I can do things when I have no confidence. He is my true love and soul mate.

Neither of us are real romantics. The most romantic thing we do is when Ross suggests watching three episodes of ‘SpongeBob’ when we wake up in the morning.”

Emma, James and Audrey
Emma and James have been together for two years and met at a New Year’s Eve party. Emma and James wear full look by DAMIR DOMA.

Age: 28. Works as a dance teacher and actress.
“My favourite thing about James is he’s always there for me and totally reliable. Plus, he is great at cooking!
I knew I loved him after our first holiday together in Spain which was wonderful. We now live together in Beckenham and are looking to buy a house together.”

Age: 25. Works as photography assistant.
“It was love at first sight for me. I love her attitude to life, and she is so joyful. She talks a lot which is great because I don’t, so she’s the perfect balance for me.
She was worried about the age difference initially and thought I was too young. She is definitely the one for me. After a few months I went to her house after a long shift at work in the studio and blurted it all out.”

Age: 85.
Married to Denis for 12 years. He died in 2005.
“What I most loved about him was that he loved me.” 

David, Peter and James
Age: 86
Married to Phyllis for 63 years. She died earlier this year.
“What I loved about her was she was well educated, warm, and had a good sense of humour. She dressed elegantly on a small budget and could hold her own in debate, and yet was 100% woman. I loved her and miss her like hell.”

Peter and James have known each other for four years and are best friends. They met over coffee with friends during fashion week. Peter and James wear full look by DAMIR DOMA.

Age: 27. Works as a personal shopper.
“We have never dated each other, but were flat mates for 18 months. Best thing about Peter is his sense of fun and cavalier attitude to stepping out, dressing up and celebrating life. We go out all over London especially to gay club nights where we love to dress up. He gave me my alter ego name which is “MiShoozDunFit”

Age: 27. Works as a volunteer manager at Battersea Dogs Home.
“He is like the brother I never had. He has a very mothering nature with his friends but most of all he is a totally kindred spirit. We are both super weird. We love to get dressed up and go out, normally in the same clothes and make-up. We dressed as Geri Halliwell in seven inch heels last year for gay pride which got a great response. We love the theatre of it and we both have an alter ego personality. Mine is ‘Strangeli Asian’”.

Hollie, Casey and Bob
Hollie and Casey have been together for two years and met through Hollie’s ex-boyfriend. Hollie wears coat by DAMIR DOMA, Casey wears coat and trousers by DAMIR DOMA.

Age: 16. College student.
“I love his hugs and his kisses. He looks after me and keeps me out of depression which I can get badly. He is the only person who can make me smile. He’s the definition of perfection to me.
I knew I wanted to marry him so proposed to him on Bournemouth beach eleven months ago. I can’t wait. We are going to have a ceremony in Devon at the ‘Wookey Hole Cave’ where a witch once lived inside who allegedly cursed the village and turned people into stone. You can see her face in one of the rocks. I am going to arrive on a diamond carriage that is pulled by a black horse, and we will have the reception in the graveyard.”

Age: 18. Works at ‘Cyberdog’ in Camden.
“I love her hair and her eyes (and her boots which I made for her). We are going to get married on the 4th August 2022. I chose the date after playing a game on Facebook which named the day I would get married.”

Age: 83.
Married to Wendy for 57 years. She died earlier this year.
“I loved lots things about Wendy… She was always beautifully dressed with a super figure and very elegant. She was highly intelligent and extremely well organised. She made my life really easy being so competent. She was also a great mum and made all our friends and our children’s friends feel very welcome.”

Anne, April and Henry
Age: 82.
Married to Derek for 54 years. He died in 2013.
“What I most loved about him was his sense of humour and fun.”

April and Henry have been together for nine years and met at a gig in Liverpool when they were 18. April wears full look by DAMIR DOMA, Henry wears jumper, coat, waistcoat and boots by DAMIR DOMA.

Age: 26. Works as a hair stylist.
“Henry is fun and super creative. You could never get bored around him. He’s the love of my life and soul mate. I couldn’t imagine being without him.
We started off as friends then realised after three or four months in there was much more to it. I waited for him to finish university so we could move to London together.
We are best friends, and probably evenly romantic. Henry’s the joker, and I’m a bit more serious.”

Age: 27 years old. Works as a photographer.
“We met at a gig of a new rave indie band called ‘Hadouken’ and we just clicked. She is my best friend. The best thing about her, apart from the free haircuts, is she makes me appreciate what I do and is a constant support. I can’t see myself ever without her. When I lost my Dad she was like a rock to me. It made our bond even more special.”

Ros, Alex and Aidan
Age: 84.
Married to Norman for 53 years. He died in 2011.
“What I loved about Norman was he never got cross and so we never had any rows.”

Alex and Aidan met two years ago at university. Alex wears dress and sleeves by DAMIR DOMA, Aidan wears top and boots by DAMIR DOMA.

Age: 21. Fashion student.
“We were best friends. It happened really naturally and we have now been dating for six months. Now everything before we were romantically involved feels strange, not the other way around. We are the same person, just different halves of the same person. We’ll either stay together, or die.
I love how he feels. He’s really squishy and soft and I know that’s his favourite thing about me too, but he probably won’t admit to it. He’s really straightforward. The only thing we disagree on is ‘Marina and the Diamonds’.
We are a brand first, and a couple second.”

Age: 20. Works a set designer, director, illustrator, and student.
“She’s crazy, scary, and insane. I love being scared of her.
She matches me in excitement. We are both excited by the same things and very visual. Her work is really important to her; it’s innocence reminds me of myself. I was gay when we first met and became friends for over a year before becoming a couple as we are now. We are like Jason and the Argonauts together.”

Michelle and Kim
Michelle and Kim have been together eight and a half years and met at a birthday party. Michelle and Kim wear full look by DAMIR DOMA.

Age: 30. Filmmaker for arts and culture
“I was dating one of Kim’s friends and met at a birthday party. It was love at first sight. It felt like I had been waiting to meet this person but just didn’t know when.”
“We are best friends but very different. We both love food and travel. Kim used to be a baker.”
“If I get stressed she’s very good at making me feel calm and reassured. She never brings her stress home, whereas I do.”

“I am more romantic then she is. I always book a surprise trip abroad somewhere for Kim’s birthday which is always romantic. We’d like to move to Cornwall and start a family.”

Age: 32. Works in pharmaceutical operations for the NHS.
“It was love at first sight. We just got married at Easter this year in Cornwall on a cliff top with some family and friends.”
“Michelle was the only girl I have met who I thought was worth telling my parents about. So I finally came out then. I am from north India near the Himalayas. I blame the British Empire for modern Indian values. Indians who live in other countries are very different, they want to hold onto their heritage. I love the spiritual side of being Indian but above all I love being British.”
“I love Michelle’s intelligence. I learn a lot from her and she opens my eyes to lots of things. We debate a lot. She always wins our arguments on a pure intellectual level. She is my best friend. She is the perfect package in one person.”