PYLOT x theprintspace Open Call exhibition

  • Photography  Anya Broido
  • Words  Abi Buller

PYLOT magazine’s open call exhibition, which attracted analogue photographers from across the globe, was presented in theprintspace gallery as part of a creative collaboration. Supported by thehub, submissions were curated as part of a group exhibition. After the event, we spoke with their Marketing and Events guy, Nick Thompson, on the hypothesis of theprintspace and their associated events.

What encouraged you to start hosting events?
theprintspace has always been run by artists for artists, so we’ve always loved being part of creative projects. Hosting events gives us a chance to see new and inspiring work and continue to support members of the creative community.

When did theprintspace first host an event?
It’s our 10th anniversary this year and since the beginning we’ve hosted countless exhibitions, ranging from almost every genre of photography, through illustration, mixed media installations, magazine and book launches. The aim is always to keep our events original and fresh.

What encourages you to collaborate with brands and artists through events like these?
It’s a great chance for us to showcase what we do with our printing and framing, as well as sharing exciting work within our community and with our partner organisations. We feel this is also very important, and gives everyone here a chance to meet other photographers and artists. It creates a dialogue and network with the common interest of appreciating the original creativity that inspires us.

Recently we’ve been holding quite a few exhibitions, which are the culmination of open calls from partners, like this exhibition with PYLOT. Our software platform thehub is a powerful tool now used by many different organisations to allow artists and photographers to submit work for competitions (among its many other uses), which is extremely exciting for us as it gives us and them the chance to look at work from a huge range of photographers from all over the world.

Ultimately we want to continue to work with brilliant artists and organisations at the gallery to support original, thought-provoking work, ensuring we are always offering something unique to our audience. We always love to see new work, so if any PYLOT readers have a project they’re working on that they think would be suitable at our gallery, please contact us or drop in for a coffee because we would love to see it!

What type of atmosphere do you look to create at one of your events?
I’d like to think that they were really relaxed and inviting. Everyone is welcome at our events and they’re always free to make sure that it’s as inclusive as possible. We have a brilliant community of art-lovers who frequent our shows, and we try to make our events as open as possible. Everyone always seems to have a lot of fun whilst seeing great work, making new friends, listening to good music and having a few drinks.

What is it about your space that makes it so well?
We are right in the heart of creative Shoreditch, and the area has been our home for nearly ten years. There’s always so much happening there: it’s still a real melting pot of creative culture and full of incredible people. It’s a natural place for people to migrate to on Thursday nights when we host most of our events. The Gallery itself is a large, bright, flexible space that allows us to constantly experiment with new methods of presentation with the artists we work with. With our printing and presentation methods, our aim is to always showcase people’s work in its best light.

We always allow the people or organisations exhibiting to brand the space with their logos and other materials, to create the desired feeling they would like to communicate in their work. Ultimately, the space is changed each time by the uniqueness of the work that’s on show.

This exhibition was sponsored by: Kodak Alaris, Juju’s Bar, Parallax Photographic, Labyrinth Photographic, Stack Magazine, and Offspring PhotoMeet. Without their support great experiences like this would not be possible.

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