The Liberation Issue


Issue 10, ‘the Liberation issue’, is now available to order.

180 pages of fashion, documentary and art photography, featuring contributions by: Juergen Teller, Matty Healy, Rona Yefman, Chris Rhodes, Holly Hay, Bianca Pilet, Dovile Drizyte, Mara Palena, Samuel Bradley, Antonia Marsh, Patricia Villirillo, Max Barnett, Eugenie Shinkle, Henry Gorse, Body & Soul and more.

Covers from left to right: Cover 01 featuring an unseen polaroid by Juergen Teller, Cover 02 by Rona Yefman, Cover 03 featuring Matty Healy photographed by Elfie Semotan, Cover 04 featuring CELINE by Hedi Slimane photographed by Petr Pawlowski.

*Please note this magazine features occasional nudity, not suitable for all audiences.