The “how-to” Issue


Issue 09, ‘the “how-to” issue’, is now available to pre-order.

This issue explores the influences of consumer culture, interconnectivity, modern history, and cinema on curation of both our physical and digital self.

160 pages of fashion, documentary and art photography, featuring contributions by: Boris Mikhailov, Alex Lockett, Mara Palena, Sayaka Maruyama, Tomi Kono, Camille Vivier, Anna Victoria Best, Patrick Welde, Antje Peters, Daniel Shea, Holly Hay, Antonia Marsh, Patricia Villirillo, Max Barnett, Eugenie Shinkle, Shonagh Marshall, Max Houghton, Fumi Homma and more.

Covers from left to right: Archive cover by Boris Mikhailov, Fashion cover by Alex Lockett, Beauty cover by Sayaka Maruyama, Art cover by Mara Palena