PYLOT Exhibition 2019: Zine


“Combatting Waste: Our steps towards a more eco-conscious society” Is the accompanying zine to the PYLOT Exhibition 2019. 50% of the profits from the sales of this zine will go to a selected recycling charity.

This zine consists of 52 pages featuring works by our 2019 Open Call competition winners: Andrea Urbez, Samira Kafala, and Sayuri Ichida. Works by artists: Henry Gorse, Mara Palena, Fumi Homma, Jordan Evans, and Alex Colley are also found inside.

This exhibition gave us a chance to raise awareness in our own way, but also to remind ourselves on a personal level that our choices count, and individually we have more power to change things than we realise.

We know that climate change and environmental impacts are an ever-present topic of conversation, and it is something that we feel creative voices needed to contribute towards. Rebecca Jones’s personal look into her week-long waster journey shows that we have an individual responsibility to look into our waste creating habits. New magazine It’s Freezing in La’s approach to opening up a diverse dialogue with artists goes to highlight the role of the creative voice in this wider conversation, and our own look at Extinction Rebellion and the youth climate action gives a taste of what modern-day peaceful activism looks like.

Thank you to all of the pioneers who are using their voices and powers to try and make a change, this exhibition could also be seen as a celebration of the progress we have made thus far. Printed using vegetable inks, feel free to recycle or pass on after use.