Paolo Zerbini: 1/1

  • Photography  Paolo Zerbini
  • Words  Max Barnett
Join us as we indulge in the latest photo project of photographer Paolo Zerbini 1/1, set in the dramatic landscapes of his native Po Valley, Italy. The book consists of 101 Polaroid images using now out of production Fuji FP-100 and three short stories written by Zerbini during the trip. Zerbini revisited locations significant to his childhood, bringing them together in a way that feels fragmented and nostalgic. The first image taken was at the end of the river Po, and the last in his hometown of San Benedetto. The polaroids give a hazy look to the landscapes, and each portrait features subjects with their eyes closed, further adding to a feeling that you are revisiting foggy memories. Red filtered images are dotted throughout the book, coming in like hot flashes of excitement, something we feel highlights the powerful emotions of the project.

Only 101 copies are available to purchase and each cover contains one of the 101 polaroids taken for this project, meaning that the launch night (Wednesday 20th June) will be the only time that the 101 polaroids will be in the same space, which is something we love about the physicality of a polaroid. Freeing himself of the original images, Zerbini wishes to accomplish a ceremonial displacement of the original images, which makes the occasion unique and parallels how he felt about each of the people and places he photographed during this project.

See below a detailed preview of 1/1, and if you are in Milan, please head to Marsèll Paradise, Milano, tomorrow night and get yourself a photobook that is truly one of a kind.
Paolo is also one of our PYLOT Open Call finalists, keep an eye out to which of his images we chose for the exhibition which opens Friday this week.

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