• Photography  Felipe Abreu


Felipe Abreu – Pairings 

Pairings is a series constructed by the considered combination of a pair of images: when placed in a context dictated by a series of self-imposed guidelines, such as lighting, color and shape similarities begin to emerge. All of the images were shot on an Olympus Trip, which I always carry in my backpack. I’m constantly on the lookout for elements that attract my attention in day-to-day life, regularly featuring moments created by my family and friends. The general atmosphere of the project is one of wonder and strangeness, looking for objects, actions and structures that are in some way out of place.

Felipe Abreu was awarded second Prize in the PYLOT Magazine Open Call submission following the theme of the magazines most recent release, “The Perspective Issue”. Felipe Abreu won prizes courtesy of Kodak AlarisLabyrinth PhotographicStack, and PYLOT Magazine and the project was displayed at theprintspace, Hackney in July 2017. 

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