Ocean Drive

  • Photography  Ahmet Unver
  • Words  Anna Sanders

I spent a week photographing in Ocean Drive over Spring Break: it’s quite kitsch, and it was the buzz and the eclectic crowd that drew me there. I’d been once before, and it feels like a place where people are a little less inhibited and quite outgoing. Maybe that’s Americans in general though.

It’s not a long street, so I just walked up and down all day. All of the people in the series were previously unknown to me, I found them interesting and so approached them. It’s usually something idiosyncratic I’m drawn to when I photograph strangers, something with their appearance or behaviour. Some of the people were just passing and I had to be quick, while others were hanging around so I had more time to observe and talk to them.

The ones I did speak to all had interesting stories, and were usually not from Miami. One woman had all her stuff packed in her car and seemed to be living in it. She’d driven down from another state. The snake guy was pretty funny. He carried two big snakes on his shoulders and charged people $10 for a photo. Most people I spoke to had this sense of exhibitionism that maybe we’re not so used to in Europe. It felt like Magaluf, with less boozing and more style.


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