McQ: Documenting Youth Series 2

  • Photography  Chris Rhodes
  • All clothing  McQ
  • Words  Wini Charity

Launched in 2018 by McQ, Documenting Youth, continues its journey through China to the animated city of Chengdu, demonstrating the vibrancy and creativity of a city that is often seen as the quieter counterpart to Shanghi and Beijing, while introducing us to a global variety of unique personalities on the way.

The cast included tattoo and graffiti artists, a barista (who runs a biker club), a store owner, students, and a fashion model. This collection portrays the expression of the individuals in the comfort of their natural or local environments, and it seems clear that McQ approached this project with authenticity as a clear goal, this is something we appreciate considering the difficulties involved in telling genuine stories in fashion. It is also great to see a brand supporting analogue photography, we are looking forward to seeing the next instalment of this exciting project.

See below the images captured by a PYLOT favourite, Chris Rhodes.