A Study On Behaviour

  • A film by  EXT. ANGST
  • Directed by  Mara Palena
  • Starring and Written by  Jessamine-Bliss Bell

Long time PYLOT collaborator and favourite Mara Palena has returned with the latest instalment from her series A Study On Behaviour, consisting of a trilogy of short films, three video works that study human behaviour, particularly in the context of our modern society. This short film, in particular, was created by EXT. ANGST, an independent film label created by Mara Palena and actor Jessamine-Bliss Bell (who also stars in the film).

The first video work A Study On Behaviour, Sequences Of An Ordinary Day was released with PYLOT and premiered at the launch of our 9th issue. It was also a finalist at the BLOW-UP International Film Festival and part of the official selection of Indie Visions Film Festival.

A Study On Behaviour, Sequences Of Performangst explores the feeling of anxiety and how we deal with it. How we act compared to how we feel. It questions the degree to which the element of performance comes into daily behaviours and what the long term effects of this may be. The film uses the structure of an actor’s habitual routine and culminates in a scene where she can no longer decipher thought from reality. The emotions conveyed are emphasized by Palena’s camera work which is accompanied by the voice-over of the actor’s thoughts. They give the audience insight into what is going on in her head and yet simultaneously allow them to bear witness to her contrasting behaviour.

A Study On Behaviour, Sequences Of Performangst is still in its festival run. It is now an award winner at Independent Shorts Awards 2019, Los Angeles and Cinema of the world, Mumbai for Best Experimental Work, Best Director and Best Actress. It has won Best Writer at the Alternative Film Festival, Spring 2020. It is a finalist of the New York Cinematography Awards, Indie Short Fest, Feel The Reel International Film Festival and Košice International Monthly Film Festival. Semi-finalist at Los Angeles Cinematography Awards and Alternative Film Festival, Spring 2020.

Check out the film poster, press images, the film itself below:

See below a PYLOT curated selection of favourite stills from this stunning piece of work:

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