Just North of Nelspruit

  • Photography  Luca Grottoli
  • Words  James Wrigley
Just North of Nelspruit lays the small town of White River, located thirty miles from the Kruger National Park, in an area of considerable scenic beauty. The climate in this region, compared to other parts of South Africa, is not extreme: neither excessively hot in the summer, when rainfall is at its highest, nor extremely cold during the golden sunny winters.

Acknowledging the town’s educational opportunities, and the great deal of talent across the region, Colbert Kouatcho, formally of the Cefups Academy near White River, sought to start his own private school: he envisioned an independent school located in the heart of the town. It was to be a school to serve the working families of the Lowveld, utilising the local educational resources. His desire to “break the mould” resulted in the foundation of Metropolitan College in 2001. Across the college’s three campuses in White River, Mpumalanga and Mananga-Swaziland, there is a focus on eco-friendly education and a strong belief in working cooperatively with community partners, including the town’s agricultural foundations and local businesses. The Metropolitan College represents the capabilities of these students, offering everything from agricultural sciences, accounting and business studies to history, tourism and computer technology, providing the pupils with the skills to maximise their potential.

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