Jaywick: Unseen

Photography: Bex Day

Here are some unpublished images from Bex Day & Patricia Villirillo’s series ‘Jaywick’ for the Status Quo Issue. You can purchase a copy of Issue 03 here.

The immediacy of Jaywick’s beauty is dazzling; from the haze of pale green and lilac shades that dominate the shore. The single-story houses hold immense character, adorned with snippets of pastel colours and interesting designs. Jaywick’s allure stems from its imperfections; the untouched nature of the village is appealing, allowing the area to possess a unique charm. Whilst wandering around, we found it hard to believe that this small seaside village in Essex is deemed the most deprived area of England according to Government statistics.

What we enjoyed most about this seaside village in Essex were the residents we encountered. The humility and openness of the people there was intriguing, which led us to casting Jamie, Michelle, Roy, Daniella, Jessica and Aaron. We became particularly attached to the Beach Bar on Jaywick beach, The Three Jays pub, (where Roy DJs occasionally), the Martello Tower and Martello Beach Holiday Park (where Michelle works as a cleaner). It is now home to an enviable tight-knit community, one that is hard to find elsewhere.”

Roy Newcombe, 66

Aaron Mimms, 17

Jamie Toms, 28

Michelle Yates, 41

Jessica Lawrence, 19

Daniella Elkins, 18

Images © Bex Day using Impossible instant film