India: A Portrait of Male Identity

  • Photography and Words  Jorge Perez Ortiz
  • Styling  Marta Gonzalez
  • Makeup  Gloria Rico

Gender and identity have always been central themes in my work. For this series I travelled to India with my dear friends, stylist, Marta Gonzalez, and makeup artist, Gloria Rico, to see the vagaries of people’s lives. We visited the bustling cities of Mumbai, Jaipur and Delhi, which sat in direct contrast to the relaxed thrum of the holy city of Pushkar.

These images reflect the empowering energy that always attracted me to this country; the chaotic lifestyle of the cities contrast with the truly kind and calm personalities of the locals. It was surprising to see how, in one environment, so many different things interacted simultaneously – a melting pot of animals, cars, sounds, smells, and colours – giving the perfect definition of the concrete jungle. This led me to with a variety of different people from models to locals, using styling from fashion brands and their own clothes to reflect the diversity and complexity of the place in which we were working.

I didn’t know what to expect before arriving; the only certainty was my continued search to discover more about the many different identities the world has to offer, but I didn’t imagine I would gain so much emotional enrichment from my exchanges with each of the people I met on the journey.

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