Identity Fanzine

  • Photography  Courtesy of Twenty14 Contemporary
  • Words  Matilde Scaramellini

When art gets in the social structure, it becomes a message of possibility, a tool for social inclusion and integration. Every creative process that promotes cultural diversity adds a specific value that builds new vistas of knowledge, research and inspiration. We believe artistic education can be used to maintain and preserve our identities as a multicultural society.

That’s how Identity has been conceived by the photographer Mara Palena: as a non-profit workshop where kids, exploring their identities, can express their feelings through photography.

Analogue photography is used as a powerful tool to overcome the obstacles of the digital age. Identity attempts to tear down the barriers that divide the well-known art circuits from the surrounding areas of Milan, creating a bond between different realities and experiences. That’s why is so important for us to bring an educational program to the suburbs, dedicated entirely to young kids living in those areas.

One of Identity’s main ambitions is that younger generations can perceive art as an opportunity in order to elaborate their ordinary life and to achieve self-awareness and creative emancipation.

For four years cultural association and art gallery, T14, has been working to promote contemporary visual arts with its main focus on photography. For the first time, they have developed a social project, celebrating the photographic mistake as a tool that leads to the triumph of artistic expression, to uniqueness and authorship. The project was born from an idea of Palena’s and has been curated by Matilde Scaramellini and Elena Vaninetti from T14.

The full project has been sponsored by Lomography, who supplied the film and cameras offering the kids a chance to see their neighbourhood through the lens. The project has also been supported by Officinaotto, who sponsored the project and printed all images for the exhibition.

All images have been shot without any outside influence, with the final edit being made by the young authors under the oversight of Mara Palena and the curators in order to make their own fanzine.















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