A Eulogy to The George and the Dragon

Photography and words: Emily Rose England

How do you describe how much a place can mean to you? It’s a strange feeling how the closure of something as ordinary as a pub can effect you, to the point where you miss it like a close friend you know you will never see again. The thing about The George and Dragon is that it is a lot more than just a local or a place of work. It has laid the foundations of so many friendships, my fellow bar staff in particular becoming more like family to me. It was a place of freedom where you could let go of all your inhibitions: where else could I get away with practically working in my underwear? Where you could get up on the bar and dance the night away? Where you knew truly you could be accepted and loved for who you are. I owe The George and Dragon so much, as a punter, DJ and barmaid, the pub may be gone but the memories never forgotten.

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Images © Emily Rose England using Impossible instant film