Foam Talent: Paolo Ciregia and Sam Contis

  • Photography  Paolo Ciregia
  • Photography  Sam Contis
  • Words  Abi Buller

Favourites of PYLOT at the Foam Talent exhibition in London, photographers Paolo Ciregia and Sam Contis demonstrate the abundance of talent on offer through the creative organisation. In celebration of Foam’s recently opened exhibition in Amsterdam, we reflect on two exhibitors from the London show, and their unique visual language.

Paolo Ciregia primarily focuses on conflicts in Russia and Ukraine, with photographic manipulation through cuts and burns providing a literal representation of trauma and destruction. His work focuses on representations of political ideologies, discontentment and totalitarian establishment. Ciregia exposes the raw atrocities associated with military conflicts, aiming to redefine the ways we are presented with falsities in misleading propaganda. The effect is raw and striking, offering viewers stories through which they can reflect upon often untold truths.

Sam Contis references to the contrasts of macro and minutiae views in the High Desert, using sensual aesthetics to capture the human and animal touch in relation to the earth. Her new book Deep Springs explores the remote desert valley to the east of the Sierra Nevada, focusing on a small liberal arts college with a strong masculine identity. The photographic narrative in Deep Springs considers constructions of myth, spatial identity, and the pervasive stereotypes of western America. These representations ring true to the collective image of an American history as depicted by the views of mass media.

Foam talent continues to support and represent photographers from across the globe, allowing new work to be discovered by industry professionals. Their recently opened exhibition Foam Talent runs from September 1st- November 12th at the Foam museum in Amsterdam.

Paolo Ciregia


Sam Contis

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