First Fuzz On The Lip

  • Photography  Elizabeth Gabrielle Lee
  • Styling  Neesha Champaneria
  • Art Direction and Words  Ethan Price

First fuzz on the lip, do you think that’s what makes you a man?
do you imagine that by having those new nikes you can dominate others?
do you believe that wearing a dress castrates you?
because that worn-in leather is smothering and due for a replacement.
escape the trap, and amputate a limb if you must in the process.
come out for some light and air
Waj wears jacket by 7L, trousers and belt by MCQ Alexander McQueen, hat from Zam Zam, earring model's own and necklace stylist's own
Priyesh wears jacket by Stone Island and earrings stylist's own.
Priyesh wears shirt by Folk, gillet by Stutterheim, trousers by KA WA KEY, socks and shoes by Nike, hat from Zam Zam, necklace and earrings stylist's own, flower and chain from Barnett & Lawson
Justin wears body suit stylist's own, trousers PAUL & JOE , socks and shoes by Nike, jewellery model's own, sash and earring (worn as broach) stylist's own
Sash by DANSHAN and socks by Nike
Justin wears gown by DANSHAN, trousers by 7L, hood by C.P. Company, socks and shoes by Nike
Justin wears sash by DANSHAN, trousers by MICHIKO KOSHINO, gloves from Beyond Retro, shoes by Nike, necklace stylist's own and earrings model's own
Waj wears jumper by Stone Island, hat from Zam Zam and earrings model's own
Waj wears jumper by Stone Island, gillet by MICHIKO KOSHINO and earrings model's own
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