Edward Cuming: Wash, Rinse & Repeat

  • Photography  Alex Lockett
  • Styling  Patricia Villirillo
  • All Clothing  Edward Cuming

Wash, Rinse & Repeat is the culmination of Eddie Cuming’s time at Central Saint Martins on the MA Menswear program. The collection looks at the temporal nature of summer holidays, and the wardrobe associated with this. Rendered in delicate, humble textiles, washing and treating them to give the collection a feeling of cyclical decay, barely holding onto the optimism they once represented.The person in mind is kind of tragic, plastic wrapping and vacuum packing his clothes waiting for this trip to roll around each year when he would unpack the wardrobe, crumpled and aged with the memories of the years before. The fit is intended to feel sometimes off-kilter, slightly shrunken from over-washing or stretched out from over-use.
Cuming cites the work of Martin Parr, Ulrich Seidl – particularly his film Paradise Love – as well as a personal trip to an all-inclusive resort in Cuba as the starting points to this collection. He finds that there is an innate sadness in the subject matter of holidaymakers, combined with varying levels of humour and irony. There is also a sense of loss, of being unfulfilled, that one can experience in unfamiliar places that is also present in the works that inspire him.
The application of colour and print looks to reflect the emotional state presented in the works that inspire the collection. Bright, sometimes garish, colours and prints have been muted and bleached. They are juxtaposed with whites and strange browns, making the collection’s palette ever so slightly not quite right. But, this intentional incongruity is exactly what Cuming was hoping to achieve.