Daragh Soden: Looking For Love

  • Photography and visuals  Daragh Soden
Daragh Soden is an Irish artist and photographer currently working in London. Soden was approached by the curators of ‘Shot In Soho’ to construct a series capturing the areas true reality. Soden expresses this reality through his art; stating “As I wandered around I noticed couples at bars and restaurants and I couldn’t help imagine the circumstances that brought them together”, his resulting body of work includes a short film, a series of photographs, and screenshots taken from dating apps such as Grindr and Tinder, that connects people within a certain vicinity. Soden explains that “It was important for me to include the Grindr screenshots in the exhibition (my own included) because of Soho’s history as a safe space for the LGBT+ community”, also explaining the diverse array of dating profiles created to lure in potential interest. Looking for Love explores how one operates and behaves in search of love, sex, romance and other forms of human interaction, and is a realist approach on the contemporary state of human relationships.

Looking for Love is on show in The Photographers’ Gallery as part of the group exhibition Shot In Soho curated by Karen McQuaid and Julian Rodriguez. The show runs until this weekend (09/02), so now is your last chance to see it, click here for more information. See below a selection of images, film stills, and the short film by Daragh Soden.


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