PYLOT x Downstairs at Mother

  • Photography  Henry Gorse
  • Words  Abi Buller
The PYLOT Issue 06 launch party, hosted at Mother London’s events space Downstairs At Mother, provided insight into the magazine’s ethos and personality. Guests enjoyed drinks provided by our sponsors, Smirnoff and Hophouse 13, whilst perusing a mini photography exhibition featuring images from the latest release, and a screening of Mara Palena’s video feature Pulcinella. The atmosphere was heightened by a DJ set from #Pato, creating a phonic backdrop that encapsulated the diversity of the Issue.

In celebration of the launch, we spoke to the Downstairs at Mother team who prized the event space as helping to broaden people’s circle of experience.

What makes Downstairs at Mother such a great event space?

It was never designed as a space for events, but that is part of its charm: it has transformed into one, naturally. It has a very different atmosphere than you get from other venues; it’s very obviously a creative environment, but very homely at the same time, which gives a mix of informality and expectation of something impressive. Since we’ve opened up our space to contributors we’ve tried to keep that spirit alive, which allows us to have a very eclectic range of events at DAM.

Describe the atmosphere at a typical DAM event?

We always aim to keep a relaxed vibe, so people feel like they’re part of the Mother family from the moment they step through the door. We’ve never had a “death by PowerPoint” or sales type event yet, and don’t intend to in the future. DAM is a place where people come with open minds, are inspired and go away with a new learning (whilst also having a great time). The space itself is really adaptable, so it feels natural hosting an intimate dinner through to a DJ set.

What makes the space unique?

Mother was one of the first creative businesses to move into this part of town – and we can vouch it hasn’t always been flat whites and angular haircuts – so we like to think that our space has always been at the forefront of the local creative scene. We’re physically at an important crossroads of culture, communities and commerce, so tend to attract pretty varied audiences. But, ultimately, what makes the space unique is that we allow others to make want they want of it and we encourage diversity and inventiveness.

How does Mother accommodate for the identity of featured brands in the space, in the case of an exhibition or magazine event?

The DAM space is unbranded, and the perfect blank canvas for any event. We try to not inflict our own point of view on the event we host. What we do is bring our expertise and passion to help make the event a success for everyone involved.

Why does Mother choose to offer its space for events?

We are not a space to rent and we aren’t looking to make a profit. We’re an agency that is passionate about appreciating unconventional ideas. We look for individuals with the same aspiration giving them a launch-pad to the bigger audiences we feel they deserve.

What is the aim of hosting events at DAM?

We genuinely want to make a difference and give people access to experience that may not otherwise exist. We also value being able to give a high-quality platform to fellow creators, as we all know how hard it is to sell an idea to an unsuspecting world. Plus, it makes sure that our team has no excuse for broadening their experience, as there are seriously amazing things going on a five minute walk from their desks.

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