Cosmic Walk and Other Learnings

Artworks: Kate Robertson

Cosmic Walk and Other Learnings explores experiential learning and focuses on the understanding of the Deep Ecology movement which supports the idea that human species are part of the Earth, not separate from it. Deep Ecology considers human life is possible because of a harmonious balance of interdependent relationships between non-human organisms and the environment.

In June 2013, the artist attended a Deep Ecology Workshop facilitated by John Seed and became a participant-observer of deep ecology processes and healing ways. From her experiences at this workshop, Kate has developed a series of photograms to document the sensory modes of understandings she was exposed to.

Photograms are made by placing objects onto the surface of light-sensitive paper and then exposing to light. Each photogram is a unique image, and cannot be replicated. The photograms are constructed and produced in Kate’s black and white darkroom, a personal site of contemplation for the artist.

Kate lives and works in Melbourne. Recent exhibitions include Garnkiny to Ganyu: Artists who capture the night, GYRACC, Katherine (2015); Transcendental, Galerie Pavlova, Berlin (2014); Fixed Object, Wellington St Projects, Sydney (2014); Transforming Landscape, Wallflower Gallery, Mildura (2014). Her work was also exhibited at PhotoLondon (2015).

Cosmic Walk (study 4), solarised silver gelatin print (photogram) with toner, 25.4 x 20.3 cm, 2013 Images © Kate Robertson