Come to Carnival

  • Photography  Fumi Homma
  • Words  James Wrigley

A day filled with music, food and the extravagant pageantry of colourful costumes and elaborately decorated floats; the city of Leicester brings the sights and sounds of the Caribbean Carnival to its streets. As the parade departs from Victoria Park winding its way through the city centre, performances from costumed bands and dancers celebrate the day. From reggae and samba music providing the fuel to the non-stop party, to food stalls across the city centre, Leicester’s Caribbean Carnival is an intoxicating party from morning till night.

First held in1985, the annual event is the third largest of its kind in the UK, after Notting Hill and Leeds respectively. Japanese photographer Fumi Homma documents, with fresh eyes, what is one of the largest multicultural events in the Midlands. A celebration of culture and arts, the festival is a tribute to Leicester’s diverse community, with an estimated eighty thousand people following the parade. Through his series of playful portraits Homma depicts a vibrant mix of people who have come to enjoy the exhilarating day of Caribbean culture. Focusing on the intimate moments of celebration, from couples and friends to children and carnival dancers, Homma’s images are a topographical representation of Leicester’s multicultural society.

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