Clifford Jago & The Ice Queens

  • Photography  Clifford Jago

Welcome to the world of Clifford Jago, the London based stylist and photographer using DIY and found materials, to perplex and satisfy the senses.
Jago plays by his own rules, disregarding authority in every aspect of his work. His portraiture seems classical yet abstractly sculptural in its approach with no regard to the regular guidelines we have come to expect in this line of work.
Talent like Jago continues to excite us because it is important to celebrate the world of fashion and art in a non-conformist manner.
The strong colours and playful content ensure the images jump from the page, and the fusion of styles apparent in his book pushes it to the forefront of the most forward-thinking publications of the year.

Click this link to see more from Jago, and grab yourself a copy of his latest zine ‘Clifford Jago & The Ice Queens’. Watch this space!

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