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Meet Rumours, and London based trio ahead of their EP launch at the Ace Hotel’s Miranda

Sian Davey

Art / Interview

Photography: Sian Davey Text: Bridie Riley PYLOT speaks to Sian about her work and her ongoing project,  Martha. BR: What first attracted you to photography as a tool for creativity and communication? You engaged with photography very late on after your training as a painter – why did you choose photography over painting? Well I […]

The nostalgic narrative of Kyler Zeleny’s Found Polaroids

Art / Interview

Found Polaroids share with us previously unseen, unpublished images from their extensive archive. Text: Anna Sanders “We were fixated on knowing the true stories, and then slowly it dawned on us that the importance of stories is not always in their actual truth” Originally a personal collection born from a curiosity for the vernacular, Kyler Zeleny, […]

Abigail Jones: Ten Years of Fucking Mayhem

Art / Interview

Photography: Abigail Jones Text: Phoebe Colley “I’ve never had faith in my ability to draw really clean things. It’s always been, ‘Well that looks shit so I’ll just layer stuff on the top or write something funny about ISIS’” Disarming from the get go, Ten Years of Fucking Mayhem does not in fact span ten years. […]