Casa do Povo

Photography: Bex Day
Styling: Jonathan Jepson

This series takes place in the village of Santa Luzia in Portugal. Hidden along the south coast, overlooking the Gulf of Cadiz, the humble community of Santa Luzia seem somewhat distant from the rest of the Western world by embracing their traditional roots and rebuking technological advances.
The result of its sheltered position means this Portuguese village is a time warp of 17th century churches, bright azulejo tiled walls and sleepy residents. It has a seemingly humble history that favours localised community spirit, and where its residents pursue a simple life journey, orientated predominantly around the village’s main economy: fishing.

Casa do Povo translates to House of the People, a legal declaration designed to support the small communities in rural Portugal throughout the early part of the 20th century. The concept of strong community lays the foundation for the series of portraits shot in and around this village witch is home to just over 1,500 residents.
Documenting the timeless feeling, the story focuses on key characters within the community who have time to spare and no desire to leave. The elderly characters exude a sense of satisfaction and belonging, an accumulated identity constructed from a period in history of strong national and local community values.

These simple but energised portraits are offset by the images of younger members of the community. It is in these younger faces that we begin to see the dissatisfaction with these linear values. How long can Santa Luzia remain tucked from harms reach, bound together by Casa do Povo, before a new generation begins to move away from the traditional values?

1 hans

12 rita_2

2 guilherme

5 guilherme
3 jacinto

10 sebastien

7 joaquica

8 antonio_maria

9 antonio

13 joao

14 elvira

17 jose

18 adialide_luisa

Photography: Bex Day
Styling: Jonathan Jepson