Benjamin Werner: Rimini

  • Photography & Words  Benjamin Werner
  • Styling  Kira Maerz
  • Clothing  All models own
  • Accessories  Found in Rimini
Late last summer I visited Rimini to discover for myself the “dolce vita” that, since the early ’60s and ’70s, has fascinated and attracted so many people. This place went through many changes and has always been a place of yearning especially for German people. So famous in fact we call it a “Teutonic grill”- a holiday resort that particularly attracts German people.

A long time before this Rimini was home to high society, artists and intellectuals like Federico Fellini. As it is Federico’s home town, he frequently visited seeking inspiration for his films, which can be seen throughout his sketchbooks and film making. But, since there have been many changes to Rimini, I wanted to see for myself what remains of the “dolce vita” and the Italian way of life.

My pictures show people living in Rimini now, cast by us on the beach late last summer.


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