Artist’s Response – The Influence Issue

  • Text  Anna Sanders

To mark our fourth publication, we commissioned artists to produce work informed by the contents and concepts of The Influence Issue’The submissions re-discovered our pages in thoughtful detail, and within the personal, emotional responses we saw editorials as illustrations, paid homage to artists, and celebrated the physicality of analogue. We select our four favourites below, from the monolithic, ink renderings of Juliet Aaltonen to the darkly humorous, paint-washed world of William Grob.

Juliet Aaltonen – ‘How Do You See At Night’

In this collection of prints, I take inspiration from the tonal contrasts of analogue photography by highlighting the opposing reactions of light and dark using ink and acetate on paper. As we strain our eyes to see through the darkness of the night, we are grateful for the slivers of light that allow us to focus; subtle highlights that enable us to familiarise ourselves with the terrain around us, and the objects within it.

I design each work to produce unpredictable and irregular results, allowing chemical processes to determine the outcome of the piece. I do not intervene during this part of the process. The chemicals form the marbled surface and texture of these prints, and thus create the final image – just as a series of photographs are developed in a darkroom. The pieces are left for a time to develop of their own aleatoric formation.


Sophie Glover – ‘Uninherited Thought’

What is the idea of artistic originality and cult of personality that we build up around our modernist role models? Two colossus of the 20th century: Barbara Hepworth and Kathe Kollwitz. These women in retrospect are imbued with pure originality and yet they would have struggled to find an ‘uninherited thought’ as much as we do.

Artist response Sophie Glover PYLOT Magazine 1

Dominic Myatt – ‘RESISTANT’

I wanted to create an image in response to a photo from ‘Asbestos Disco’ by Éamonn Freel that captures the model’s strong facial expression. The ‘RESISTANT’ tag on his jacket seemed to caption his whole poise perfectly and so I had this in mind whilst drawing out ideas and the final image.

Artist response Dominic Myatt PYLOT Magazine 1

William Grob – ‘Masking Societies’

My work combines photography and painting. Colour is key to my pieces; just as El Greco felt that it is the most important element of any work and the most difficult for any artist to achieve, I try to utilise colour to set the right chord and balance to structure the narrative. This is frequently juxtaposed by black and white photography. The compositions are symmetrically balanced using shadow, perspective and colour combined harmoniously.
The photographs I chose from PYLOT’s current issue were decided based upon the ‘airiness’ of the images, I was looking for black and white photographs which had multiple points of perspective so I could highlight aspects and hide elements. I wanted to use other people’s photographs to create new stories.