• Photography  Vasily Agrenenko
  • Creative Direction and Styling  Pierre-Alexandre Fillaire

Jacket by Adam Martin, trousers by MINNAN HUI, headpiece by Misa Harada, skirt (over arm) by WESLEY HARRIOTT, glove, and socks presence’s own


Trousers by MINNAN HUI, gloves, jumper and shoes stylist’s own


Top and skirt by THREE FLOOR, jacket, trousers, shoes, glove and bracelets presence’s own and headpiece stylist’s own


Top stylist’s own, trousers by MINNAN HUI and tights by KIM WEST




Jacket by Malan Breton and trousers by CHARLI COHEN
Skirt by WESLEY HARRIOTT, glove stylist's own and headpiece by MISA HARADA


Dress by Malan Breton, tights (worn over the arms) by KIM WEST, cuffs by Cornelia Webb, top, trousers and shoes presence’s own


Jacket and trousers by ROBERTS | WOOD and spats stylist’s own


Coat by WESLEY HARRIOTT and headpiece stylist’s own
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