A Study on Behaviour: A Short Film by Mara Palena

  • Photography and video  Mara Palena
  • Styling  Patricia Villirillo
  • Starring  Jessamine-Bliss Bell


Exploring the differences in behaviour of a public environment versus a private one, following the time frame of a day. The idea is that the subject’s way of completing a daily activity is influenced, in our very socially structured society, by the presence of others, or lack thereof. This is emphasized by her being clothed/naked. Culminating in a dream-like sequence where the subconscious takes over and privacy and exposure become one.

Words by Jessamine-Bliss Bell.

This video was made exclusively for PYLOT 09, the “how-to” issue, Mara Palena also shot one of our four covers, if you want to see more of issue 09, click here.