Stefano Galli considers light in the extreme by focusing on the sky and its ever changing variations.

In “80 SKIES”, the protagonists of Galli’s frames are aeroplanes, creating large shapes that fly over our heads daily. Because of their height in the sky and the sunlight that surrounds them, the shapes Galli captures become something more than just a mode of transport.
In many cases the planes less significant elements when compared to the magnificence of their surroundings. In fact, the eye of the viewer becomes lost in the contemplation of the colours, in the totality of the photographs. Looking at these images, an impression of distance and silence is created, sitting in contrast to the typical noise and commotion of the aeroplane.
By pushing 35mm negatives through a 90mm lens, Galli let the film be flooded by the broad spectrum of colours that characterise the sky. The intensity of the light seemed to struggle with the film speed, so the photographs are characterised by a thick grain that gives the picture a three-dimensional effect.

Currently being exhibited from 5th – 12th of June at Sunset Studio 1545, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, 20026

Photography Series by Stefano Galli

80 Skies (The Video) from Stefano Galli on Vimeo.