• Photography  Robin Lambert

When we moved into 119 we had no possessions of our own, and left with a broken TV and some wank 70s furniture. I tried to make it ours: I trashed the shit stuff and put out what we had. We hung a picture I took back in college of my girlfriend, before she knew I liked her, when I used to stay up and fantasize about her. Now finally I have her – we live together and life is good. We slept on the floor a lot, the bed was old and everything felt dirty for her. We had no Internet and no distractions from each other. Fuck, take me back.

Robin Lambert was awarded first Prize in the PYLOT Magazine Open Call submission following the theme of the magazines most recent release, “The Perspective Issue”. Robin Lambert won prizes courtesy of Kodak AlarisLabyrinth PhotographicStack, and PYLOT Magazine and the project was displayed at theprintspace, Hackney in July 2017. 

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