Void of Space

  • Photography  Arcin Sagdic
  • Words  Swetlana Isstgeschichte

Born into today’s world the modern man finds himself floating in free space, in confines without borders. Only vaguely reminiscent of prehistoric times, when humans used to walk the earth admiring the sun, the present is a celebration of all-engulfing freedom and dark uncertainty of limitless space and time. The prospect of a new beginning is always accompanied by that which is unknown and objectively unapproachable. Following the inevitable evolutional leap forward can be compared to going up (or down) the stairs in complete darkness, except that there is no up or down.

pylot_arcinsagdic_001 pylot_arcinsagdic_002
pylot_arcinsagdic_003pylot_arcinsagdic_005 pylot_arcinsagdic_004