Skingraft SS15 – NYFW

Pushing forward with its avant-garde, deep, dark aesthetic, this season saw Skingfraft collaborate with acclaimed blood artist Jordan Eagles. Manipulating hi-res images to produce the print across jersey and leather separates, and matching the bright red hues from his “Life Force” series, designer Jonny Cota gave the biggest nod yet to the label’s sub-culture reference point; “elements of blood, smoke, earth and bone,” were his exact words.

Some might argue that New York is the home of modern art, but with its gritty undercurrents, an abundance of drugs and guns and a hotpot of homeless, famous and troubled souls, L.A. is the city where things (not necessarily dreams) happen. And when you catch yourself fraught between these polar extremes, growing your hair out long and hanging by the skate park between takes, meetings or dates, this is just the label that will appeal.

The emphasis on simple silhouettes keeps it applicable for both sexes. Satin bomber jackets and leather shorts are the kind of elevated staples that mark the label a cult hit. Whoopi Goldberg, Skrillex and 2 Chainz on the front row another.

Invest now while you still can.

– Words: Ashley Jardine




Images © Max Barnett using Impossible instant film.