Art / Documentary

Classic cars and the West Coast; take a road trip with photographer Federico Sorrentino

Sunil Shah

Art / Documentary

Photography: Sunil Shah Text: Anna Sanders Drawn to themes of expulsion informed by his own childhood experiences, Shah cuts and pastes fragments of history into one another, finding a new narrative within ambiguity, and new meanings in the chasm time leaves behind. Referencing the fractured nature of history, and our inability to know it in […]

The Overcoat – Sarah Dobai

Art / Feature

Images: Sarah Dobai Text: Anna Sanders Nothing is new. There is nothing we can pluck from imagined obscurity that has not been made or felt or seen before. True originality is in the processing of the known, the amalgamation of the existing into something renewed – re-invented; re-reclaimed; reiterated. Re-: a prefix of Latin origin, […]


Art / Archive

Images: Jack Ashley Text: Anna Sanders There is something poignantly beautiful in seeing family life condensed into photographs. The complexity of emotions and the subtle significance of everyday life so succinctly summarised, the entirety of a human life captured in a snap shot. Vernacular photography holds the unique ability to communicate the universal. Even the […]