Peter Pilotto AW14

Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos may have wanted to warn their attendee’s of their AW14 show that sunglasses may be required. It was a sensory overload with an orgy of print, colour, texture and embroidery. Violent reds, moody violets teamed with cool blues and tangy oranges created a rich palette in which coats, dresses and skirts were all enriched with. If the boys had found inspiration from the mountains (in which they also used for some of their digital alpine-prints) then it was by no means a peaceful retreat.

Geometric and graphic prints were layered against, and on top of embroidery, which became a recurrent theme throughout the collection. If the eye has to travel, this season Pilotto was making the eye go on a riotous expedition.

A maximalist approach to womenswear is what Pilotto and De Vos do best. A clashing of elements that should end with a vulgar, crude mix of ostentation actually seemed to pull together and create a rich yet slightly violent collection. Maybe we’re secretly masochists. Or maybe this is just the boys’ way of providing the armour we need to tell a polar vortex “Bring it on bitch”.









All images © Asia Werbel
Text by Jazzino Tamani