Matthew Miller SS15

Miller delivers another collection that has a powerful yet melancholy narrative. Titled Introversion, the collection reverts the three-piece suit servicemen received after completing tours in World War II. The original utilitarian one size fits all suit is given a modern twist, by deconstructing it’s original lank form it turns into some rather stunning tale tell Miller tailoring.

Referencing conflict and despair Miller creates a collection that is heavily patchwork. Working into the pinstriped suits a crisp denim, with Velcro slogans stating “War”, “Social”,  “Anti” and “You” that work as motif throughout the collection to anchor the narrative of war. The final touch of adorning the suits with memorial floral wreaths further sparked the feeling of melancholy intended with this collection. Not to take away from Miller’s work the feeling of sadness is something that is celebrated. Miller has masterfully put together what is arguable his best collection yet, but also departed on us an important message and a new way to question our society once again.

Images © Giorgio Lattanzi using Impossible Film.
Words by Bemi Shaw.