Lie Sangbong SS15

PYLOT went backstage with AOFMPro and head make up artist Yin Lee to witness the Lie Sangbong SS15 show at NYFW.

“Dream Road”. It’s an apt title for a collection that evokes so much optimism and airiness, and this season, for SS15, that’s just what Korean-born designer, Lie Sangbong achieved. “I want to share the positivity that is brought on by the beginning of spring and the promise of a new day,” he stated before the show.

And who would disagree with such a sentiment? Bright butterflies fluttering across silk organza and chiffon, the waterfall hems on all-white dresses, a hint of skin here, a touch of lace there – it was feminine, ethereal and on the converse, bold. Sangbong is an artist who knows his craft though, put this in the hands of a less experienced architect and it would have gone from beautiful to boring.

Everything about it appealed; the mirrored glass tiles on the floor, the simple hair and makeup that was inspired by the colours of the sky and, of course, the clothes. A butterfly bodice worn over a crisp white shirt dress proved a refreshing take on layers. And that almost holographic printed slip dress? Expect to see it on a lithe actress when award season rolls round.

– Words: Ashley Jardine

Images © Max Barnett using Impossible instant film