Christian Conwan-Sanluis SS15 – LFW

Suzy Menkes once said that ten years ago, it was impossible to tell fashion week was in full flow; editors, stylists and journalists (not bloggers, oh God not bloggers) gathered on street corners, dressed head-to-toe in black, while discerning ‘normal’ folk going to work or tourists in the midst of a planned-by-hour day scuttled by none the wiser.


These days, there’s very defined types when it comes to what is now known as fashion month: glitter-drenched drag queens, label aficionados, the up and comers, the stalwarts, that blogger from that weird blog – the list goes on.  And the shows themselves? Well, the same can be said. Some are predictable, others are innovative and inspiring and while there’s nothing wrong with the former, technology and newness is what SS15 is all about and none more so than with Christian Conwan San Luis’ LFW collection.

Undoubtedly the main take-away from the glitter-strewn runway was a piece already made famous by one Lady Gaga – the selfie hat. Somewhere between a traditional Amish style and a sombrero, this wide-brimmed, pink piece is fitted with technology from Acer and a 360 degree swivel that allows you to find your perfect side. With plenty of plaid and even a pair of blue spangly chaps, the rodeo references were obvious. But that’s what this young designer does – puts the fun firmly into fashion.

A sugary pink trouser/blazer/tube top combination was one of our favourite looks,  the retro-inspired tartan bikini another. Simple silhouette were the perfect compliment to standout detailing, anchoring royal-blue tones and layers of sequins, embellishment and patchwork.

Think for yourself and earn a piece of this talented designer at a snip of the value it’s sure to become.

– Words: Ashley Jardine 

Photography © Max Barnett using Impossible instant film