Hayley Cherkas

Fashion / Feature

Join fashion graduate Hayley Cherkas’ as she explores the ephemeral qualities of scent and light in her first collection

Correct Distance

Art / Feature

Mitra Tabrizian discusses the origins of her cinematic propensity prior to the launch of her debut film


Music / Feature

The Florentine psychedelica band discuss crossing musical genres – and playing on the Moon.

Masha Reva

Fashion / Feature

We spoke with Reva following One Day Project to discuss her unique melding of mediums, and the tenuous relationship between politics and art


Art / Feature

Arcin Sagdic questions the relationship between political discord and modern media


Art / Feature

Adam Linder and Justin Kennedy translate language into languid gestures and familiar forms in this lyrical journey of movement and music

The Overcoat – Sarah Dobai

Art / Feature

Images: Sarah Dobai Text: Anna Sanders Nothing is new. There is nothing we can pluck from imagined obscurity that has not been made or felt or seen before. True originality is in the processing of the known, the amalgamation of the existing into something renewed – re-invented; re-reclaimed; reiterated. Re-: a prefix of Latin origin, […]

The Last Free Place

Art / Feature

Photography and Text: Teri Havens For three years I lived part-time in Slab City, a squatters’ community located on a desolate swath of southern California’s Sonoran desert, wedged between the Salton Sea and an active bombing range. Since shortly after World War II, ‘The Slabs’ have been a refuge for drifters, dropouts, artists, outlaws and […]