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Adam Linder and Justin Kennedy translate language into languid gestures and familiar forms in this lyrical journey of movement and music

The Overcoat – Sarah Dobai

Art / Feature

Images: Sarah Dobai Text: Anna Sanders Nothing is new. There is nothing we can pluck from imagined obscurity that has not been made or felt or seen before. True originality is in the processing of the known, the amalgamation of the existing into something renewed – re-invented; re-reclaimed; reiterated. Re-: a prefix of Latin origin, […]

The Last Free Place

Art / Feature

Photography and Text: Teri Havens For three years I lived part-time in Slab City, a squatters’ community located on a desolate swath of southern California’s Sonoran desert, wedged between the Salton Sea and an active bombing range. Since shortly after World War II, ‘The Slabs’ have been a refuge for drifters, dropouts, artists, outlaws and […]

Field Day 2016

Music / Feature

Photography: Éamonn Freel Words: Rachel Speed Celebrating the tenth anniversary of Field Day, the crowds descended upon Victoria Park in East London and, undeterred by the weather and determined to party, were treated to a wide selection of acts, from festival veterans to brand new bands. Skepta It was near impossible to avoid the rain on […]

Harbour’s Bazaar

Fashion / Feature

Images: Annie Collinge Styling: James Theseus Buck and Luke Brooks Text: Jasmin Islamović The wonderfully eccentric works of James Theseus Buck and Luke Brooks, the protagonists of the Rottingdean Bazaar project, took centre stage at this season’s Fashion East menswear presentation, where they showcased their first clothing collection singed with art, craft, and modern mischief. The […]

Café Royal Books

Art / Feature

Text: Rachel Speed Curation: Craig Atkinson “I wanted a way of exhibiting work more widely and without the constraints of a gallery” says Café Royal Books founder Craig Atkinson. Café Royal Books started ten years ago, it’s “something in between zines, photobooks, artist books, and info pamphlets” and published independently each week in the North West […]

PYLOT Issue 04 Launch Party

/ Feature

Photography: Paolo Zerbini & Éamonn Freel We launched the Influence Issue last month at White Rabbit Studios in Shoreditch. Thank you to everyone who joined us to make it such a special night, and thank you to BrewDog for the beer and Chan Photographic for the prints. You can get hold of a copy of […]

The Hammer: Joel Stevenett’s poetic revisiting of Steeltown

Art / Feature

Photography and short story: Joel Stevenett Text: Anna Sanders “It’s a document of a place during a major change in the city’s history, and I thought it was important enough to photograph what it looks like. At least my version” Cracked asphalt and peeling paint betray a city in a state of abandon; the residents wait, […]

Undertow – Memories of an American Journey

Art / Feature

Photography: Mara Palena Text: Irene Barontini Since a selection from her project was published in PYLOT’s ‘The Family Issue’ under the title of ‘Undertow’ , Mara Palena has been dedicated to producing her first, analogue photography book of the complete series: ‘Undertow – Memories of an American Journey’ is due for release on February 25th, accompanied by […]