Belstaff SS15 Presentation – Milan

Belstaff Spring Summer 2015

Belstaff made more than a serious journey through an American desert visible in their presentation. Creative director Martin Cooper has done everything he knows with Belstaff’s trademark fabric – leather. So it was not that difficult to imagine a biker’s life on the road. Studded leather, worn-like leather, leather and zippers, saffron coloured leather, beaten up leather, leather biker pants, leather waistcoats, you name it. It was all there along with the Choppers roaring in front of the venue.

An impressive piece was the lower hemmed jacket covered in patches and badges, paired up with dirty white jeans, biker boots, an olive green Henley and a paisley scarf reminding of the WANTED posters in western movies. This West feel of the urban cowboy trickled down nicely with grey cotton shirts that softened up the rough, nomadic outfits. The khaki leather one-piece would be an impeccable choice for fixing up the motorcycle engine. We know bad stuff happens as well, so be ready and be equipped properly.

Without further ado, Belstaff succeeded in sparking up some fire in any nomad’s soul! There’s nothing left but to grab a jacket and hit the road.

Text by Lara Ionescu
Images © Max Barnett using Impossible film.