Andrea Pompilio SS15

On the road to breaking the rules in style and conformity, Andrea Pompilio’s show has bloomed like a pubescent child under violin sounds. His collection travelled through the beautiful evolution of the rebel teenager in full denim to the serious man in his responsibly well-tailored tuxedo jacket. Pastel colours tracked down the journey – lemon chiffon and cream slowly turned into mature and definite shades, like burgundy red and Venetian blue.

Pompilio drew the portrait of the young aristocratic rebel who is in the pursuit for his own story. The playful pleated shirt hems over-layered onto shorts and trousers expose the ‘no-tucking’ policy the character adopts. Short sleeve jumpers with sequins are layered on top of untucked shirts, as well as embroidered jumpers with ¾ sleeves and large holes, reminding of punkish ear piercings. Even the fitted blazers, which have an architectural structure ­– a supposed influence of Pompilio’s father career, have been fortuitously embellished with horizontal bands, for a more revolutionary, yet elegant look.

The collection screams of aristocracy at its finest through the fabrics as well, using light cotton taffeta and crisp cotton for asymmetrical shirts.

The colour palette was refreshingly honest ­– stark white and sandy beige, light blue and carmine red. One impeccable outfit that cannot escape any thought remains the red two piece suit with taffeta shorts and black buttoned blazer paired with white ribbed socks cut off at the toes, for a fun, still-remembering-childhood detail.




Text by Lara Ionescu
Images © Max Barnett using Impossible film