Alan Taylor ss15

A hand-painted plaid pattern in black and white or red and black was the motif for linen blazers, shirts and even shorts. Combined with grey tweed pieces, like high-waist tapered trousers, the naïvely brushed grid pattern offers a strong impression of a modern romantic. The belted baggy linen pants are paired with a black organza bomber jacket, reminding of Charlie Chaplin’s The Tramp, minus his tight coat and bowler hat.

Taylor’s appetite for reworking with tweed in a modern way, equally infused in previous collections, is sketched in his Spring-Summer 2015 disciplined, yet humorous selection. His adaptation of the biker jacket in beige tweed and even in softly pixelated dark grey, brings a fresh approach to the classic fabric.

Previously at Simon Rocha and Alexander McQueen, Taylor has managed to find his own voice in fashion through an asymmetrical, yet compiled collection, expressing certain childhood nostalgia through clearly defined lines and buttoned-up shirts. His mild colour palette, ranging from beige, soft lemon, striking red and calm grey, and his infusion of pieces like the white organza bomber jacket, are all elements of a beautiful creative cocoon in blossom. The playfulness of his loose fit linen shorts, reminding of 50s golf attire, paired with a pastel elbow-sleeve shirt, is the perfect image of how discipline in lines can be of such an elegant and whimsical effect.

Just like the purity and rawness of the flesh in Saville’s paintings, Alan Taylor’s collection is honest and defined, bridging the gap between the real and the reverie in fashion.


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Words by Lara Ionescu
Images © Max Barnett using Impossible film.