Ada + Nik SS15

On the market for only a year, the brand born out of the collaboration between designer Ada Zanditon and fashion creative Nik Thakkar holds a clear evolution on the monochromatic, minimal chic niche. A very compact collection titled Carpe Noctem, which translates into Seize The Night, is an ode to clean lines and audacious fabrics. Sculpting the ever-changing nature of the modern hero, ADA + NIK propose a more balanced, well-defined and confident versatility. Black leather is infused in biker jackets, combined with mesh, in sleeveless A-line waistcoats and even in an impeccable, raw, laser-cut jumpsuit. The hemlines are playful in over the knee leather shorts combined with airy white t-shirts, in silver nylon basketball shorts or grey tweed Capris.

Mysterious in its presence, yet always anticipating the moment of self-expression, the A + N character is dominated by understated energy. The colours, ranging from black, dark navy, clear-cut silver and blue-grey define the quintessential chromatic feel of the modern knight.

The brand had a double partnership with a real-time video app called Vyclone, which streamed the show across all social media, and with the NJOY e-cigarettes brand. The duo specifically created a unique leather jacket, incorporating a pocket just for the e-cig. The virtues of a modern hero would never cease to adapt.

With such a dynamic, daring and multifaceted collection, the ADA + NIK collaboration is more than an organic transformation of the hero image, but a fresh reinterpretation of the understated minimal fashion corner.







Words by Lara Ionescu.
Images © Giorgio Lattanzi using Impossible film