PYLOT Magazine is a biannual publication and an online platform produced by PYLOT Collective.

The magazine showcases fashion and fine art photography, with all content being shot on film. We believe that analogue processes allow us to slow down, which brings new weight to our choices and leaves us more open to chance. To the same degree, we never employ any beauty retouching to ‘enhance’ a model’s skin or body shape.

These approaches all feed into the PYLOT aesthetic, creating something with energy and a direction that thrives on collaboration.

The PYLOT Magazine team

Max Barnett
Creative Director

Patricia Villirillo
Fashion Director
Creative Director

Daniel Clatworthy
Design Director

James Ross
Sub Editor

Sofa Lai
Fashion Coordinator

Francesca Izzi
Contributing Fashion Editor

Edoardo Cioni
Marketing and Promotion

Marie Bruce
Beauty Coordinator

Gilberto Genco
Fashion Assistant

Anya Broido and Luca Trevisani
Assistants to Editor-in-Chief

Abi Buller
Assistant Sub Editor

Tina Galassi
Social Media Intern